BridgeCom University

If you purchased your AnyTone radio from BridgeCom Systems, you should've received a free subscription to BridgeCom University. You will receive an email and a paper located inside your package that includes the code to access it for free. Once you create an account and enter the code. You can find the box to enter the code by continuing through check out. After this, you will find our bank of tutorials made to show you how to perform numerous procedures on your AnyTone. 

If you run into a problem that we don't have a video for yet, email us at There is a high likeliness that other people have run into the same problem as you and we would love to get solutions to our customers so you can be successful. 

If you don't have a subscription to BridgeCom University, you are welcome to access the numerous tutorials on our YouTube page for FREE or purchase a subscription on

AnyTone Handheld DMR Training

AnyTone Mobile DMR Training